Cinnamon Pecan Pancake

Most days I eat breakfast alone. That doesn’t mean it has to be a bowl of cereal or something boring. I’m all about enjoying every meal. I believe eating intentionally and loving what you eat is a huge part of a healthy lifestyle. If my taste buds aren’t satisfied, I’m going to be reaching for…

Pumpkin Cake

Induldge this holiday season without any of the guilt.


It’s a honest to goodness brownie! A brownie I can have anytime without fixing a whole pan to tempt me.

Cobbler for 1

It’s that time of year again. Our peach tree is bursting with beautiful peaches. First I have to tell you a little about the beloved tree. We planted this tree 20 years ago when we got our new camper. Our camper is parked at my happy place, the lake. What precious memories come from this…

7 Layer Salad

I have always loved 7 layer salad and it can be flipped around to suit your menu or your family’s taste. No peas for me please! It can even have more than 7 layers. I was so surprised when I discovered that this delicious side dish could actually fall in the healthy category . I…